There are hundreds of pie makers in Australia, but only a handful are a registered meat export facility capable of supplying to overseas markets. It’s widely known that Australian Beef has the best reputation for the highest quality anywhere in the world.  Garlo’s has been a proud exported of Australian Beef Pies and Sausage Rolls to overseas nations since 2013.

Our Halal certification through the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) has made our products an attractive option for countries such as the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait over the years. We can also be found on the shelves of Hanamasa Supermarkets in Japan, Hot out of the Food Court in Costco Japan and Taste Supermarkets in Hong Kong.

Garlo’s can supply the exact same products and packaging found in Australian supermarkets (with Meat Transfer Certificate), or indeed special made to order flavours and sizes to your export specifications.

Garlo’s Pies in Hanamasa Supermarkets – Japan

Our specialised Export Packaging “Garlo’s Aussie Pies” can be thermally printed with manufacture date, expiry date and any foreign translations required to allow the product to be put straight onto the overseas shelves…no extra label required.

For large and long term orders, specially made packaging can be made to your requirements.

Garlo’s can send pallets of products to consolidators around Australia, or pack full containers direct from our Kingsgrove facility in Sydney…which is only 15 minute drive to Port Botany.

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